Saturday, March 19, 2011

Syrian Women Detained, Tortured

As the world watches the people in the Arab world muster the courage and strength to rise up against their criminal, corrupt and dictatorial regimes, I want to say something about the plight of women in Syria. 
A prominent democracy activist, Suhair Atassi, was detained a few days ago.  God only knows what type of torture and humiliation she’s being subjected to as I write this piece.  Along with her is a handful of teenage girls. (Yes, teenage girls!)  Readers can just imagine what may be happening to these women. 
I will say more about this later, but I wanted to post some links to sites detailing a sliver of the Assad regime’s offenses against women over the last several years.  Here they are.  Please read, share with others who may care, and stay tuned for more on this later. 

Syria should release protesters

Lengthy Detentions of Women

Women detained, tortured, threatened

Young, female blogger sentenced to 5 years in prison

Women taken as hostages in exchange for their husbands


  1. Oh Laura, both Hafez and all of his children have violated everything within their reach, even the air they breath, screams in pain. The problem all these people have, from Yemen to Algeria counting all the countries in between, is they have rulers that never get enough and don't know what the word justice is.
    My fears are, the uprisings that are taking place now don't have a true leadership, only an opportunist or a few opportunist will come at the end and harvest all the efforts of the brave people who rose up, this might creat another breed of dictators whole play all kinds of tricks to manipulate and ammend constitutions so that they get the top position and stay for life steeling everything they can.

    I wish every country take Egypt as an example (at least for they have done so far) and plan their (intifadahs) accordingly. My heart bleeds every time I see or hear about the ugly things that are happening. In a few weeks, I fear we will find out that Qaddafi will come out as an angel compared to Bashaar, I hope the Syrians have some viable plan to save them from a big attrocity.
    I hope they make it, and make it fast to the shores of safe and prosperous Syria.


  2. Jay - I know and I worry about the same things. I think as it is, many would argue that Gaddafi is an angel compared with Assad, but I fear it will become much clearer. What the Syrian people are after--freedom and dignity--are worth dying for. I just hope to help shed some light on what's going on. They have suffered in secret far too long.